Good Inside with Dr. Becky

Deep Dive: Kristen Bell and Jackie Tohn on the magic of song

Episode Summary

Did you know that the tool you may be missing in your parenting toolbox is … singing? Don’t worry, no musical training or ability necessary! Music is one of the most powerful parenting tools for tricky moments. Why? When we sing, we not only help our child's body regulate, but we help ourselves stay grounded, too. Plus when we sing a song to our kids … our kids start to repeat it to themselves. This is how kids learn to self-soothe. Total game changer. In this week's episode, Dr. Becky talks with actors, singers, and producers Kristen Bell and Jackie Tohn about using music to diffuse all kinds of challenging situations—from moments of hesitation to hurtful words. Listen to learn a few tunes anyone can sing and get a sneak preview of Do, Re & Mi, a new musical series on Amazon Prime Video from Bell and Tohn.<p/> <p/> A preview of the good inside this episode:<p/> (2:55-4:07): What our kids' behavior brings up in us<p/> (4:08-9:13): Music and emotion regulation<p/> (9:21-16:40): Separation anxiety<p/> (16:41-23:05): Do Re & Me inspirations and lessons<p/> (23:15-26:45): How to respect our kids' boundaries in social settings<p/> (27:04-28:19): Tying it all together with three takeaways<p/> <p/> Follow Dr. Becky on Instagram: <p/> Subscribe for weekly strategies and scripts: <p/> Learn more with Dr. Becky’s workshops: <p/> <p/> This episode is brought to you by Frida ( Get 20% off your first order with code “drbecky”