Good Inside with Dr. Becky

How to talk about death with your kids

Episode Summary

When our children ask us difficult questions like "What happens when you die?" or "Am I going to die?", we often get stuck about what to do next. Should we talk about it? Should we avoid it? Should we offer a euphemism? We often assume kids are too young to talk about death, but here's something to consider: It's *never* too early to talk about things that are already on your child's mind. In this episode, Dr. Becky explains why we need to be honest with our kids about death, so they feel safe coming to us with all kinds of tricky questions throughout their lives. She shares practical scripts and strategies to guide you through difficult, but direct, conversations on death, dying, and grief. Remember: This is an emotional topic for us adults too, so before pressing play today, take a deep breath. Honor the feelings and sensations that come up for you as you listen to this episode.<p/> <p/> A preview of the good inside this episode:<p/> (5:58-12:42): How Dr. Becky answered her own kid's questions about death<p/> (12:52-13:30): Are kids ever too young to talk about death<p/> (19:09-20:27): How to explain grief<p/> (28:16-29:48): Tying it all together with three takeaways<p/> <p/> Follow Dr. Becky on Instagram:<p/> <p/> Subscribe for weekly strategies and scripts: <p/> Learn more with Dr. Becky’s workshops: <p/> <p/> This episode is brought to you by Frida ( Get 20% off your first order with code “drbecky”