Good Inside with Dr. Becky

My kid is out-of-control. What can I do?

Episode Summary

When your child's actions and words seem totally out of control, it means they *feel* out of control. In these moments, kids need our help differentiating between their behavior and their feelings: They're a good kid having a hard time, not a bad kid doing bad things. In today's episode, Dr. Becky talks with three parents about navigating tantrums at their worst. She talks through trusting yourself as your family's sturdy leader (especially when family members don't understand your approach), and walks through multiple strategies to use inside and outside of the moment. <p/> <p/> <p/> Follow Dr. Becky on Instagram: <p/> Subscribe for weekly strategies and scripts: <p/> Learn more with Dr. Becky’s workshops: <p/> <p/> Today’s episode is brought to you by the following sponsors:<p/> <p/> FEED is an impact driven lifestyle brand on a mission to end childhood hunger. Every FEED purchase helps provide school meals to kids in need. Head to for an exclusive offer on your first purchase. <p/> POSTABLE. Let the team at Postable send your holiday cards now at and get 20% off with the code GOODINSIDE