Good Inside with Dr. Becky

What can I do to stop my kid's aggressive behavior?

Episode Summary

<p>When our child is kicking or biting someone, our first thought is probably, "How do I protect the other person?!" But here's something to consider: We also need to protect our child from associating their bad behavior with being a bad kid. In this episode, Dr. Becky advises three parents on how to respond to aggressive behavior while keeping everyone safe. She walks through distancing "the urge" from "the action," emotionally vaccinating kids for frustrating moments, and enforcing boundaries instead of punishments. In every situation, she gently reminds each caller that they're a good parent with a good kid. <p/> <p/> <p/> Follow Dr. Becky on Instagram: <p/> Subscribe for weekly strategies and scripts: <p/> Learn more with Dr. Becky’s workshops: <p/> <p/> Today’s episode is brought to you by the following sponsors:<p/> <p/> FEED is an impact driven lifestyle brand on a mission to end childhood hunger. Every FEED purchase helps provide school meals to kids in need. Head to for an exclusive offer on your first purchase. <p/> Outschool has over 150,000 live interactive classes for kids. Go to and use the code GOODINSIDE to get $20 off your first class.